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Classes in C++

by kaliadevansh on April 7th, 2012

A Class is a User Defined Data Type. It may contain functions, variables or other pre-defined  data types. Classes basically encapsulate the data and methods. The syntax to declare a class is

class Test

A class must be ended with a semicolon.
Objects in C++:- The variables of data type Class are called objects. The objects of a particular class can access the variables and member functions of that class. Objects are declared similarly as normal variables.

datatype variable;
ClassName ObjectName;

A class can have multiple objects. Every object has different copies of the variables but a single copy is shared between the objects in case of functions.
A Simple program to illustrate the uses of classes and objects-

class Book
char name[15], author[15];
int rack;
void input()
cout<<”Enter the name of the book”;
cout<<”Enter the author’s name”;
cout<<”Enter the rack number to store the book”;
void out()
cout<<”The book “<<name<<” by “<<author<< “is stored in rack number “<<rack;
void main()
Book one;
one.input();//the private variables are being used outside the class BUT WITH THE HELP OF PUBLIC MEMBER FUNCTION


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