C program to sort array in ascending order

Program in the C programming language to sort all the elements in the array in the ascending order. This programs uses the bubble sort method to sort the numbers in ascending order.

Definition Bubble Sort– Bubble sort is a simple sorting technique in which passes are used and after each pass larger no. obtains it’s sorted position. To sort the elements ‘n-1‘ passes are used where n is the total number of elements.

/* C program to arrange or sort the array in the ascending order */
void main()
     int ar[100],j,n,i,tmp;
     printf(" Enter the size of the array \t");
     printf("Now enter the elements in the array \t");
     printf("\n Array is - ");
           printf("\t %d",ar[i]);
     printf("\n\n Array in the ascending order is - \n");
           printf("\t %d",ar[i]);

Input –
Enter the size of the array – 5
Array is – 23     65    10    45    34
Output –
Array in the Ascending order is – 10    23    34    45    65


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  6. tarzan says:

    there is a bug
    for(j=0;j<n-i;j++) === wrong


    • ASHWIN KAIN says:

      well, n-1 is wrong there’s no bug, prog. is simple and easy.

    • khwaja says:

      for n-i its printing -2 garbage value at the begining in case of static arrays …for dynamic arrays its fine..
      for static n-1 is correct.

      • fahad says:

        really helpful 4 my wife febin

    • Alyssa says:

      for(j=0;j<n-i;j++) there is a bug, because when j=n-i-1, which is the maximum value of j, j+1=n-i and there is no value for ar[j+1]. In this case ar[j+1] will be a random number chosed by the computer. The correct answer should be for(j=0;jar[j+1]) into if(ar[j]<ar[j+1]) and then we will find the bug.

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