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C Program to find area and circumference of Circle

by yashan on August 19th, 2011

Make a simple c program to find the area and circumference of the circle by inputting the radius of the circle.Below is the sample of the C program with solution -

/*C program to find the area and circumference of circle*/
void main()
     float r,pi=3.14,cir,area;

     printf("Enter the Radius of the circle \n");


     printf("\n Circumference of circle is \t %f",cir);
     printf("\n Area of circle is \t %f",area);

Input -
Enter the radius of the circle – 3

Output -
Circumference of circle is 18.84
Area of circle is 28.26

  1. thanks a lot share this code with me.

  2. Gobinda Rabha permalink

    void main()
    printf(“Above program was awesome…………..thank you”);

  3. pari permalink

    pls any one can tell me the program of the number is prime or not..

  4. awesome solution. can you pls tell me what is the difference between
    void main() and int main()

  5. int main() and void main() both are same its like you are telling the os that main is giving some thing and at last it gives 0 and in case of void main() you are specifying that your main does not return any thing .thatz it int is old style of coading and void main is the new style

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