Bitwise Operators

Bitwise Operators are the special operators for low level programming. These operators are used for the manipulation of the binary data (bits). Note that these operators should not be of the float or double type. There are six types of Bitwise Operators.

Bitwise Operator Meaning
& Bitwsie AND
| (Pipe Symbol) Bitwise OR
^ Bitwise exclusive OR
<< Bitwise Left
>> Bitwise Right
~ (tilde) Bitwise Not

These Operators are used for addition, multiplication, shifting and negating the binary data. These operators are much faster than any other operators as these operate in the re-part with the memory. These operator only operate on char or integer data type. If can be sign, unsigned, short or long. As they are of the low level programming. So they are rarely used in the C programming language.

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