Arithemetic Operators

Arithmetic operators are those operators which can perform arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication etc. Mostly arithmetic operators are used in all the computes languages. These operators were designed at the time of the Abacus computing machine. There are mainly five arithmetic operators in the C programming language. These are as follows-

Arithmetic Operators
Operator Meaning
+ Addition
* Multiplication
% Modulus(remainder)
/ Division

For example, Suppose a & b are two variables, then arithmetic operators used for different operations are:

Arithmetic Operations
a*b Multiplication of a with b
a+b Addition of a and b
a/b Division of a by b
a%b To find modulo(remainder) of a with b
a-b subtraction of b from a

So this way you are use the arithmetic operators to perform the arithmetic operations in the C programming language.

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